Live In Love With You

 I am inspired by the concept of love. Through this concept I’ve created a lifestyle, devoted to the love of self. I decided to follow my dreams, be self-compassionate, stop comparing myself to others, and be my own inspiration. I challenged myself to be the person I always wanted to be,  making use of my wildest dreams. My dream is to change the definition of beauty and inspire women to love their selves. In pursuit to change the definition, I’ve produced a short documentary titled “SHE IS BEAUTIFUL” and held inner beauty events to encourage women to fall in love with their selves. I started my YouTube channel “LiveNaturallyLove”, where I illustrate visual forms of self-love and my Blog "" where I issue written articles devoted to my mission. 

My name is Denise although my subscribers call me Liv, I welcome you on my journey to live in love with me. I hope to inspire you to live in love with you.