How to fall in love with yourself

How to fall in love with yourself

          To be in love, to fall in love, to be loved, many experience life patiently waiting for this experience. Patiently waiting for the opportunity to receive affection and attention, passion, devotion and merely to be cared for. However, you must give in order to receive, commit the love you wish to receive onto yourself and onto the world. Commit to a healthy relationship with yourself for yourself. Fall in love with yourself. To fall in love with someone requires emotional dedication, to fall in love with you requires emotive commitments.

          The first commitment is to follow your heart. Follow your passions, your desires your wishes and your dreams. Follow, embrace and be aware of your emotions. Do not shelter them because you consider them as a weakness. Do not disconnect yourself from yourself. Understand your anger, rage, grief, sadness, joy, pride and sensibility. Cry if you have to and laugh as loud as you possibly can. This is how you fully understand yourself and come to terms with your true self. For it is impossible to love what you don’t understand.  

          The second commitment is Self-compassion. Learn to forgive those who have failed you but most importantly forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and the mistakes of others. You cannot create change you can only influence it. Do not take responsibility for what you had no control over or for what you thought you did. Do not destroy yourself with feelings and words of shame, guilt, and doubt. Understand that you are doing the best that you can. Give yourself infinite opportunities to reach your goal and live in your purpose. Encourage yourself, believe in yourself and be your own support system.

           The third commitment is no self-comparison. Indulge in your authentic self. Genuinely embrace your definition of beauty, your natural beauty and appearance. Stop analyzing yourself for flaws, for those who look will find. Accept yourself for who you are, your pros and your cons for they make up your individual identity. This identify belongs only to you, comparing your identity to others will simply be pointless for we all are distinctively unique. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others and accept who you are will be the moment you love the person who you are.

         The last commitment is to be your own inspiration. Challenge yourself to be the person you want to be. Be the change you want to see in the world. Inspire and motivate yourself to be a better version of you. If your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough. Don’t be afraid and make use of your wildest dreams. 

                                                                        Live in love with you, Liv