& Four years later I walked across that stage as a B.A in Psychology Magna Cum Laude City College of NewYork College Graduate! I am so proud of myself. There were many who told me I wouldn't make it. i walnut get into a good school. I wouldn't  graduate with honors, or I can't break the glass ceiling. I broke it! I am a first generation to go and complete college! I entered college believing that it was a mistake, saying "Why did they except me?" & "I don't belong here!" I didn't think I was smart enough to get anything higher than a B- and believed that A's was unobtainable. But I set forth on this journey to #Liveinlovewithyou and started to believe in myself and apply myself. I started to have confidence in myself and four years later I graduated with honors! MAGNA CUM LAUDE! Whoa! It's amazing the things you can achieve when you believe in yourself!