This can not be life! All my life I have dreamed of being a traveler and finally I had the opportunity to do it. I worked hard and saved my money and invested in myself. Set a destination and set a time span and within that time frame I have traveled to both London and Paris. This is surreal! On this Blog I always write about the importance of making your self happy but take a good look at this picture because this is what it actually looks like! Everyday when I was in London and Paris I woke up and I did what made me happy. I never went against my will or tried to please anyone else.

There is something exciting about working towards your own happiness, it gives you a different type of an awarding feeling when the deed is done! Something about smiling uncontrollably, laughing as hard as you can and feeling a rush of love for your self by yourself is truly magical and I dare you to try it!

This Live in love with you journey is more than just a challenge I've given myself its a Lifestyle!