Yoga is one of the foundations in my self love journey. It keeps me calm, humble and strong minded. It excersizes your determination, emotions and mental capabilities!  This pose takes amazing core and upper body strength. Lets not even mention flexibility! It also opens you up internally as well as externally. While doing this pose I realized how far I have come! To wear a bikini without any coverup is already a huge step! But to do this pose exposing all of my body and not being self-conscious was the biggest accomplishment! I took this picture in front of all of my friends and all the people who were at the beach and not once did I feel insecure! I felt nothing but pure STRENGTH! 

There is nothing more beautiful then expressing self-love from the inside out! Each yoga pose I did showed that I had both love and respect for myself! I finished off my salutation by the sunset! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! If you are looking for another way to express and practice self love please give Yoga a try! I started my yoga journey the same time I stared my fitness journey I believe they go hand in hand. You push yourself body in the gym & take care of your mind with yoga!