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What about transportation?

Attendees are required to find their own means of transportation to the retreat house. The address will be shared once your pass is bought, in your welcome packet! Most greyhound or railway busses could be used to reach the location. Past attendees drive or take a plane to the nearest city if they lived further. Or you can make it a road trip! Those are always fun !

Is there an age requirement?

LILWY serves women of all ages. However, attendees have to be a minimum of 18 years old to attend. If you are younger and are interested, LILWY will need parental consent amongst other forms of consent and ID. Please reach out to us at and Liv@Livei

How many spots are there? How many passes this year?

This year we only have 7 spots available! Meaning that we only have 5 passes available this year:

We have (3) LILWY PASSES - Allows single admission

We have (2) BUDDY PASSES - Allows double admission

What time do we have to be there? Check in & out times?

All information concerning the trip such as checkin and address will be shared once ticket is purchased. 


How do I buy my pass?

When registration opens on June 11th at 9:00AM EST head over to! The retreat passes will be waiting for you! Last year it sold on in 10 Mins! So be ready!

We accept all debit and credit cards!

-HEADS UP: Only one card can purchase the pass. If you are taking the buddy pass, make one person the designated card holder. This would be the person/card that will be purchasing the pass.

LILWY SUGGEST: Beforehand transfer each persons ticket fare into the designated card holders account. This person will then purchase the buddy pass :)


When I buy my pass do I pay all at once?

Yes, when you buy you pass you are paying for your pass in full. It is first come first serve.

What if I do not like near NY?

No problem! We have attendees come form all over! The retreat is for everyone! Come from where you are!

Any other questions?

Email us at: or