What do you get when you mix a Look Book and a Collective Haul together? A Haul Book! I recently posted a Haul book on my Youtube channel "LiveNaturallyLove", but I wanted to share more in depth the pieces I found this summer that I am just in love with. This summer I turned into the impulsive shopper. For the whole month of  June I went shopping at least 3 times a week and impulsively bought whatever caught my eye on matter the size,price, or color! It felt great to treat myself and buy whatever makes me happy and feel confident! Here are some of my absolute favorite pieces!



 This River Island Black Knitted Halter top was the first one to come home at only£12 it worked well with simple distressed mom jeans! I love the security of not having to wear a bra due to the fabric and the option to transition this into Fall! 


Lets talk about this bundle of Joy! Found this on the sales rack in River island as well for the same price as my first purchase! I took the smallest size and ran to the register ! I love the way this top is so versatile! I can pair it with a skirt and create a two-piece dress or just wear it alone! The possibilities are endless!

lace romper

I love it when I find a good sale! This bad boy was only $15 in Soho,NYC! This lace long sleeved romper is exactly what I needed for those late summer night when I'm looking for a night out on the town but don't want be catch a cold when it gets breezy! And then these shoes! They were definitely an impulsive buy! But could you blame me! The white bottoms and platform top was just I needed! Super comfortable and Chic!