Spring is here in full effect! I am more than excited to get into the swing of things. One of the trends for this year is stripes! And rightfully so, they are bold, chic but sometimes tricky to style! I collect stripes they are such an easy way to look put together! 


One of the easiest ways to style stripes is a highly structured top. This H&M top is an oldie but goody. I've had it for 2 years but it's wide neck line, 70's inspired bell sleeves and box cropped nature keeps it trendy! Its pretty much a amazing on its own so pairing it with a long midi and my favorite white and blog lace ups keep it simple and chic!


Sometimes you have to GO BIG or GO HOME! You can make a statement with wearing stripes where people least expect it! These tourers are amazing! Can you believe I got them on sale for $7 ! The lord was looking out for me on that shopping trip! They are super comfy but very stylish. The wide legs give it a fun hippie vibe! Which I am all about and more!

Striped Pants- Stripes 2016

To easily keep the hippie " I didn't really try (But I really did) " vibe try styling your stripes pants with a low cut top with a funky bag and colorful crystals! The low cut shirt helps you show a little skin while your covered up at the bottom and the bag adds a nice funky touch! Plus we all now hippies are all about their crystals! Right? Or is it just me!

How to style stripes 2016

If you are looking for a more wearable day to night option. This asymmetrical little guy is everything you need. Stripes can create illusions that no other can create! Giving you that hour glass shape we all do hours of cardio for. The mix of vertical and 45 degree stripes gives such a amazing shape.  


This magical skirt did all the work! To keep the curves going strong and to balance out the amount of skin shown, I appeared it with one of my new favorite turtle necks! The accented sleeves are the perfect touch to such a simple and chic look! This look also needs some movement, so a blush blazer with a complementing hem is just a match made in heaven!

How to style stripes 2016

A little shy of big bold stripes? Then fine stripes are the way to go! This crop top is so basic but easy to style when paired with chill and everyday items! I love wearing fine stripes with Mom Jeans to keep that 90's flare! This is something I would wear to hang out with friends. Super cute, funky and comfy !


Finish off the look with a leather jacket to help show off the crop top and some black booties to add in a little height as well as help with that back in the day 90's flow! Lets face it leather, stripes, and Demin just go together ! 

I hope these tip help you style your next Striped piece!